Ray Mirzakhanian, President, Real Estate Broker, Realtor, ePro
CA RE License # 00987327

Ray Mirzakhanian began his real estate career in 1988.  In 1991 with the number of Real Estate Owned portfolio growing, Ray began providing essential REO Sales and Management Services to the RTC, FDIC, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Ford Consumer Finance, GE Capital and other financial institutions.  The volume of REO sales closings total in the millions of dollars of asset value while consistently achieving high percentages of net return in the shortest possible time on the market.   Ray Mirzakhanian is also the owner and broker of record for Century 21 Crest comprised of multiple offices in Southern California with over 300 agents speaking more than 16 languages making communications more effective in multi-ethnic society.  Century 21 Crest is an award winning company consistently ranking in the top 100 firms out of the nearly 6,400 Century 21 offices nationwide.  Century 21 Crest is the recipient of many Century 21 Corporation awards for production and quality service; including the "Centurion  Presidential", "Quality Service Pinnacle," and most recently the "Amassador Award". In addition, Mr. Mirzakhanian is committed to community involvement as an integral part of his business operations.  He founded and supports Neighborhood Revitalization Services, Inc., a non-profit organization that rehabilitates and sells affordable housing to   low and moderate income families. Ray is especially honored to have received the Mayor Bob Yousefian's Commendation in  2004 "in appreciation of exemplary commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of our community. You are an exceptional person and a credit to Glendale." Equally important is the 2004-2005-2010 dual recognition from the County and City of Los Angeles. In August 2010, Ray received from the City of Los Angeles the Mayor's Commendation. He also was awarded special recognition for advancing the cause of Business and Professional Women from the area BPW Chapter. The LA Times New Press voted Century 21 Crest the "Foothills Best Real Estate Office" for ongoing community outreach efforts from 1999 to 2005. Agents speaking more than 16 languages and loyal to their broker, Mr. Mirzakhanian, deserve the credit for these awards and the continuing success of the business.

Ray is also involved in the negotiation and marketing of distressed properties, SHORT SALES, and loss mitigation.  Proud member of REOMAC, NRBA, REO Network, NASSP, CREOBA, NAHREP, member of all major Board of Realtors in Southern California, active member of numerous Chamber of Commerce.

Current clients include: Premier Asset Services (PAS), American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. (AHMSI), GRP Financial, Goodman Dean, MD Webb and Associates, Kondor Capital and others.

Equator/REO Trans Certified, Resnet Certified, and e-Pro Certified.

Marvin Benson - J.D., MBA, Corporate Counsel:


Attorney Marvin Benson is a valuable contributor to the CrestREO and Century 21 team.  In addition to his Juris Doctorate, he has a Master in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles and he is a California real estate broker.  Over 300 agents receive his counsel and training in all matters relatedf to real estate and financing law. Mr. Benson conducts frequent quality control file reviews to ensure that all documents meet or exceed the companies' high standards of fiduciary responsibility and compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines and requirements.


Carey Harvey - Real Estate Broker, Realtor, CRB, CRP, GRI:

CA RE  Broker License # 00863218


Carey Harvey is a Real Estate Broker with an impressive 25-year career in the industry. Ms. Harvey is very experienced in all facets of the real estate industry including brokerage operations, leadership, sales management, training, foreclosure/REO sales, BPO's loss mitigation, homeownership retention counseling, short sales, probate, trust sales, relocation, property manangement and 1031 exchanges.  Ms. Harvey is a graduate of IMA - Century 21 Corporate International Managment Academy.  She is certified by the National Association of Realtors as a "Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager" (CRB) and a "Graduate Reators Institute"  (GRI) designatins from ERC - Employee Relocation Council.


Eugenia Hernandez - REO Specialist, Realtor:

CA RE License # 00861063


Ms. Hernandez specializes in defaulted and REO properties since 1992.  She has been a top producing Century agent 21 out of 30 years in the Real Estate industry.  She is a recipient of the Century 21 Master, Centurion, Double Centurion and Presidential Awards.  Ms. Hernandez is trilingual.  In addition to ther REO specialization, she is certified in Relocation, Investment Property and Home Staging.  Currently, she works with Premiere Asseet Services, Bank of America, AVM, Titanium Solutions, Chrisleyam, InSource Financial, REOTRANS, RESNET, USRES, Ocwen, and Green River Capital among others.  Ms. Hernandez has completed training with Five Star Default Servicing, taken default school classes for advance BPO and advance REO disposition.  She has completed short sale training for many institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  She hold CDPE Certification and Short Sales, REO Default Certification and Default School, Resnet and Equator.  In addition, she has successfully completed Citi Mortgage REO Policies and Procedures. 


Freida Sanei - Broker, GRI, REO Specialist Real Estate Broker, Realtor:

CA RE Broker License # 00801572


Ms. Sanei is a Broker/Associate with more than 29 years of experience and history of achieving exceptional results in managing and marketing real estate.  She has extensive experience with REOs. She had her first REO expience in 1982 with Shearson Lehman Mortgage, and then in 1992 with Glendale Federal, CAl Fed, and Coast Federal.  Ms. Sanei's first Short Sale was in 1996 with Advanta Mortgage and since then she has been very successful in negotiating short sales and working with loss mitigation departments.  Currently, Ms. Sanei is representing WAMU/JP Morgan Chase (preferred agent in California), Bank of America, Bank of N.Y., One West Bank (formerly known as Indy Mac), U.S. Bank, CB Management, HSBC, Popular Mortgage, IAS REO (preferred agent in California), FirstAm REO, Titanium Solutions, EMC, and numerous asset management companies.  Ms. Sanei is a member of Realtytrack.com, Equator.com, ResNet. REOSource.com, REaltyBid.com, REO Network.com, and many more.


Sally Hall - REO Specialist, Realtor:

CA RE License # 00921458


Ms. Hall started her Real Estate career in 1986.  She consistently earns the "Centurion" Top Producer Award yearly.  In addition, she has earned the "Double Centurion" and "Grand Centurion" Awards as well.  Ms. Hall has closed over 1,000 transactions.  She has received the exclusive Master Hall of Fame award from Century 21 being the top 1% of Century 21 agents worldwide.  In addition, she has many years of extensive REO experience and worked with Bank of America and Premier Asset Services early in the 1990's.  She has a successful family team assisting her which is comprised of her husband, Dave Hall and her daughter, Amber Hall. 


 Ken Reed - Field Supervisor, REO Specialist, Real Estate Broker, RealtorCA  RE Broker License # 01242272

Ken Reed is a well qualified Real Estate Broker and has 12 years real estate experience in the Southern California market. He is the recipient of Century 21’s “Centurion Award” for superior sales production and has an innate ability to effectively deal with people. Additionally, Mr. Reed has received advanced training in BPOs and REO sales, homeownership retention counseling, loss mitigation and commercial property investments.


Catherine “Cathy” Toso and Barb Grosskreuz - REO Specialist, TEAM: 

CA RE License    # 01274295 # 01473884


Cathy Toso has been a full time Realtor in excess of 8 years. She is an integral member of the CrestREO team as an advanced REO Specialist covering a broad geographic market area in Southern California. She excels in the REO business with her wide range of knowledge and specialized training in BPOs, REO Sales, Short Sales, Probate and Trust Sales, and 1031 exchanges. Ms. Toso’s current business focus is specifically  on  BPOs  and  is  currently  marketing REO properties and providing other REO services to Premier Asset Services, California REO Management and GRP Financial Services Corporation.


Penny Blackwell - CPM, Property Manager, Realtor:

CA RE License # 01009352


Ms. Penny Blackwell has achieved the institute of Real Estate Manangement (IREM) Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation. Prior to joining Century 21 Crest, she served as a consultant to high-profile clients such as Trammel Crow, Jones, Lang, Wooten, Premysis / Prudential, the Koll Company and others, providing advice regarding their real estate portfolio leasing, accounting, and property management functions. Penny helps ensure that all property management responsibilities entrusted to the CrestREO division of Century 21 Crest are performed professionally, efficiently and profitably.




Gracie Melendez - REO Office Operations Manager:


Gracie Melendez has been in the real estate industry since 1992.  Currently Gracie manages the entire CrestREO Services office operations. She has extensive REO knowledge gained while working for Fannie Mae in their REO Department handling numerous functions and responsibilities. Currently, Ms. Melendez is responsible for negotiating financial relocation assistance with occupants.  Prior to joining CrestREO, Gracie owned and operated an REO contractor /vendor business with Fannie Mae.


Ellen Tahmasian - REO Office Operations Specialist:


Ms. Tahmasian has over nine years of general sales and marketing experience in the real estate industry. She helps with Operations of the Crest REO division handling numerous functions and responsibilities such as timely closings.  She is certified Short sale specialist and currently is working and negotiating with several banks and helping the homeowners with their Short Sale  property.


Helen Chow –  Valuation Supervisor,  Realtor:


Helen Chow has been with Century 21 Crest for five years and has recently been invited to join the Crest REO team.  She has received extensive training in BPOs, REO Sales, Short Sales.  Prior to joining Century 21 Crest, Helen had several years of experience working for a title insurance company.


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